differences between -std=c++11 and -std=gnu++11

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What are the differences between -std=c++11 and -std=gnu++11 as compilation parameter for gcc and clang? Same question with c99 and gnu99? I know about c++ and c standards, it's the differences in the parameters that interest me.

I've read somewhere that it have to do with some extensions but it is not clear to me which ones and how to choose between one or the other for a new project?


As you have found out yourself the difference between the two options are whether the gnu extentions violating the standard are enabled or not. The extension are described here. Note that some extension can still be in effect while using -std=c++11 as long as they do not contradict the standard.

For in use with the mingw compiler I need the extensions for a working boost lexical cast. If you do not use any of the extensions you are better off using the std without extensions for maximum portability. This might come in handy if you find yourself forced to change compiler.

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